Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Music Sifter

With my list of movies coming out on DVD, I thought it appropriate to supplement it with a meager yet still fulfilling overview of some CDs awaiting their release dates.

Warning: List may include pop princesses and/or an otherwise unheard of New Zealand band.

April 8
  • Leona Lewis "Spirit"- Lewis's single "Bleeding Love" floods the airwaves and makes us all pine after some long-lost love. Whether or not this British songbird's a keeper is still up in the air.

April 15

  • Mariah Carey "E=MC2"- The title refers to the success of her last album, "Emancipation of Mimi" and the success it brought, thus Emancipation= Mariah Carey Squared refers to another hopeful success. I'm not exactly a stalwart fan of MC's, but I have to give her props for her amazing comeback after the shiny squall that was "Glitter" and her winning out over Elvis for most Number 1 hits. There's something to be said for a princess that can beat out a king. (note: Glitter was a shiny squall because nobody could survive through it-I tell you, zero survivors!)

April 22

  • Flight of the Conchords "Flight of the Conchords"- This band hails from ye old New Zealand and stars in their own reality show on HBO. The show is ridiculous, absurd, hilarious, yet charming all the same. If their CD is anything like their show, Ill be first in line to buy it.
  • Ashlee Simpson "Bittersweet World"- I've only ever liked two songs of Simpson's, both of which came out in the black nailpolish and punk T-shirt stage of my life. According to a statement released by Simpson earlier this month, however, this album is supposedly a "fun party album" with a "silly and quirky side." This, along with her recent engagement and to Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz and rumors of pregnancy, surely will boost record sales.

April 29

  • Madonna "Hard Candy"- Madonna is like the blonde, physically fit version of the Energizer Bunny. She just keeps going, and going, and going..... Note how the Bunny is definitely dated to the 80's and Duracell dominates in sales. But she still keeps going, and going, and going...yawn. Unfortunate for the likes of young talents like Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, Madonna roped them in for the single "4 minutes," which musically isn't too displeasing, but the video is...ummm, scary.

May 13

  • Jason Mraz "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things"- To me, Mraz is the real deal. He doesn't seem to get involved in the party aspect of the music industry and creates solid songs with definite musical asepcts without turning off the younger crowds- much unlike many of the squealing, nonsensical artists we find today. Having placed several of his songs on my zune's quick list, I look forward to see what brilliance this album will exude.

Although I believe the music industry is at a turning point and needs some serious changes, there's no denying that there are still quality artist out there, you just have to sift through some garbage to find them. Now if only a music sifter came with every CD purchase.

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