Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stick it(fashion) to the Man

Ugh, so I suppose I should at least cover the basics of men's fashion this season, but I must admit, I'm not exactly enthralled with the dominant trends.

Just like women's fashion is soaking up the sunshine in the color yellow, men's clothing is submersed in oceans of blue. I consider blue to be a color that, when used appropriately, can be both a neutral and a focal in the same outfit. This means that it's not only okay to go beyond jeans and a plain white tee, but it's even suggested that men experiment with bright stripes and (gasp) even florals! Yes, I did say florals. Beach ready and blue, this ties in with another trend, which is rather appropriate considering today is Earth Day.

The petal-pushing fad of which I speak is none other than environmentally conscious clothing. This season, men are at liberty to explore their hippie-roots for style and don slouchy moccasins and recycled shirts whilst cruising along in their new hybrid. One suggestion: keep it crisp and clean. Forget the dusty clothing fringed in dirt and stitched-on flowers and keep in mind that cleanliness is next to, well, environmentally conscious-ness.

One more note on men's fashion: although we're seeing a lot of clothing that mimic social movements, classic lines and clean cut men never go out of style. I'm not saying you have to look like Gerard Butler or dress like George Clooney every night, but maintaining a solid, classic look is always a good idea. John Krasinski is probably the best example of a celebrity who knows just how to dress. He maintains great looks and brilliantly ties in current styles every now and then without getting too fancy schmancy.

John Krasinksi here= hello handsome/ smoldering perfection. Seriously, you can't go wrong dressing like this delicious fashion morsel.

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