Saturday, April 19, 2008

Releases, Releases, Releases

April isn't generally a huge month for DVD or CD releases but I thought that there were a few noteable additons to the store racks this past month as well as coming up within the next few weeks.

April 15:
  • "Juno"- Quirky, hilarious, and endearing; definitely worth the hype.
  • "Lars and the Real Girl"- Strangely charming. You'll either love it or you'll hate it.

April 22

  • "Charlie Wilson's War"- intriguing film that gives some insight into national relations in the early 1980's as well as today.
  • "Cloverfield"- I'm all for the monster movies, but the shaky handheld camera approach just doesn't work for me. It's like Blair Witch, but you'll get eighteen times more sick.
  • "My Boy Jack"- I actually haven't seen this, but I found it interesting that Daniel Radcliffe would star in a made-for-TV movie after his success in the theaters. It's received many good reviews and because it's based on Rudyard Kipling's biography of his son(by the same title), I'll definitely take time to watch this film.

April 23

  • "27 Dresses"- Perhaps Katherine Heigl was hoping the world would forget her first attempt at the big screen in "Knocked Up" with this movie, but I'm afraid it didn't exactly give her as much box office credibility as her "Grey's Anatomy" costar Patrick Dempsey. The plot was obvious and the script mundane, but it still managed to get by with the hopeless followers of cheesy romantic myself.
  • "Diving Bell and the Butterfly"- Another film I haven't seen but has received such beautiful reviews that I couldn't pass up mentioning it's release date. This one's definitely on my to-watch list.
  • "Golden Compass"- I like to forget all the controversy surrounding this flick and watch it in its own environment, the theater, and soak in all the brilliant casting and exhilirating special effects. That's good enough for me.
Although it was released almost a month ago, I feel that Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" deserved to be mentioned as well. Nominated for 37 awards and winning thirteen of them, most notably the Oscar for Best Art Direction and Golden Globe for best Picture, Burton manages to create an fantastically grotesque yet surreally romantic film, an achievement only made possible by his fashionable and talented cast. Johnny Depp was absolutely brilliant as the demon barber and Helena Bonham Carter is the quite possibly the only person that could ever play the obssessively deranged Mrs. Lovett. This movie is definitely worth the DVD price sticker, or atleast the dollar it costs to rent from Redbox.

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