Monday, April 7, 2008

A Few Good Flicks

I just saw 21 last night; talk about a perfect movie. It had hot young actors, violence, sex, money, crime... did I mention hot young actors? It perfectly encompasses everything that Hollywood aims for in a blockbuster, and with a plot and cast like 21's it's hard to go wrong. Oh yes, and Kevin Spacey. I know several girls under the age of 25 who would vote this aging actor People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" and his steely performance and brilliant good looks certainly don't disappoint. Here's to you, Mr. Spacey.

Persepolis- wow. For lack of a more exceptional word, it's just wow for now. Logan, Utah has one theater that will play the movies that would normally play in regular theaters elsewhere but given the demographic of the area wouldn't create much, if any, revenue. Meet the Logan Art Cinema. It plays films considered 'unfit' for the Logan public, namely R-rated films, independent films, 'artsy' films, or films covering issues that tackle social, environmental, global problems. Persepolis was such a film and I was one of two people in the theater at the time . It's a shame, really.
But back to the movie. I wrote loads and loads in my notebook after seeing it trying to find the connections between the shading and the appearance of God and Marjane's individuality and the music(or the subtly perfect lack thereof) and all the symbolism, it's enough to spin your head. As I was in the theater watching the film(which happens to be animated and in subtitles, by the way) I had a lot of these thoughts swirling about my head just the same as when I was writing them. But then I remembered the end of the film and put down my pen. It's really just her story. You don't have to make connections or conjure some huge political or religious meaning out of it. Much unlike many of the slanted films of today, Marjane Satrapi, the writer, producer, and character in the film, was simply sharing her story. Whatever you take from it you can keep. That's all.

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