Monday, April 21, 2008

Fashion, Baby!

Let's face it, we would be nowhere without fashion. Yes, I suppose we could get along sporting the FLDS fashions of ankle-length, poufy-sleeved pastel dresses and hairstyles coming straight out of the 1880's(or in my opinion, a revamped Texas version of the infamous Utah pouf), but it is my personal belief that fashion reflects the state of our society and honestly people, conformity is so 50's. Every era has its story, and clothing always ties in one way or another.

I do wonder sometimes how future societies will look back on our here and now, and if they will have their version of little old lady antique rooms, but instead of mannequins wearing floral dresses next to lace up boots and empty bottles of castor oil, they could be wearing high-waisted skinny jeans and a bright trench coat beside an empty bottle of Trimspa diet pills.

In any case, I think that fashion is making a turnaround and although it's just the tip of a hopefully large iceberg, it seems to be that the so called 'real woman' is starting to be justly portrayed by the fashion industry. Instead of splinter-thin models and jutting-out hip bones, more and more designers are choosing to hire models that, while still incredibly thin, have a bit more substance to their structure. What this means is that clothes will be made for people who do more than act like a hanger (and look like one).

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the overall fun nature of the trends this season. Clothing is getting the chance to be slightly more playful and less practical and based more on enhancing a female figure.

Try some of these fantastic trends on for size:

  • The color yellow. Call it intuition, but I've been saying for months that yellow is going to be huge. So blogging family, I bequeathe unto you this savory saffron shade and wish you enough good sense to NOT choose a yellow which washes you out. Also, you don't have to stick to this one color, anything bold and bright will surely suffice!

  • Trench coats. I indulged in this trend early on and purchased a luscious red trench just perfect for spring. Unlucky for me, I live in a place where it'll snow one day and blaze with heat the next, neither of which are very condusive to trench-wearing. In any case, it still looks great even if I don't wear it outside.

  • Feminine silhouettes. Yay! This goes along with the runway turnaround we're seeing and the end of rail-thin models. Florals and large splashy prints abound in this curvalicious trend as well as sundresses. This means fun dresses belted at the waist and topped off with none other than the nexttrend, which just happens to be my personal favorite...

  • Wide-brimmed hats. Goodbye boring heads of hair and welcome back glamorous hats! Every year around Easter time I'll walk into a department store and I can't help but drool over the large elaborate hats made specifically for elderly female church-goers. Unfortunately I don't think the large hat idea will take off too fast in Utah, but it won't be too long before we see heads adorned with floppy hats reminiscent of the 1970's or casual versions of the gorgeous hats previously seen only at horse races.

  • I believe Rihanna sports a look that encompasses many of the looks most women are going for this season, bright colors, bold prints, belted waist enhancing a feminine silhouette, and of course the beloved trench coat. I wouldn't suggest sporting only the coat and nothing else as it seems Rihanna is doing. In fact, I must insist one wears other clothing beneath the trench coat.

  • Although I quite enjoyed last spring's black and white trends which focused on prints more than color, I can't help but drool over the girly, fun, and beautifully flattering styles that will adorn feminine figures everywhere.

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